Me Too

by Daniela Duarte, Brazil

The idea of this design is to reflect how women from around the world are connected by the fight for our rights and against gender violence.

It shows simple line drawings of women of different ethnicities and feminist symbols, and the idea is that these lines, being continuous, also represent the connection between all these women. At some points, the lines also spell “Me Too”, the motto of the movement. On the background, the watercolor stains are another element of connection, that give depth to the composition, and remind of blood stains, that could be from the violence suffering, but also from the feminine fertility blood.

Colors are inspired in a feminine palette, using violet and pink shades that are part of the symbols of the feminist movement and also 2018 fashion trend.

The drawings were first handmade with ink and watercolor, and then digitalized, vectoring the line drawings, and making the final adjustments on Photoshop for color combinations and the repeat.

This cloth is handcrafted in northern Greece from the finest natural twill silk, it is decorated proudly from artists across the world, and curated with true meraki by two friends at Happycloth.

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