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Add uniqueness to your outfits with our carefully handcrafted pieces of cloth. Made from 100% silk.
Available in 3 different cuts to choose from.




Shape: Ribbon.
Dimensions: 140x5cm.

Art created by Cathrin Gressieker, Germany.

Last August I spent a couple of days at the Baltic Sea where I grew up. It was the most beautiful high summer, with nature in full bloom, long warm days and nights. With this feeling of pure endless summer, I took out my watercolor traveling set and painted a floral pattern that reflected the blues of the sky and the sea, the warmth and the happiness of these summer days. I kept it simple and abstracted with an almost child-like and simultaneously sophisticated feel. Watercolor is a favorite painting medium of mine, which I love for its playfulness and organic flow.”

Cathrin is a magnificent textile designer and painter who lives and works in northern Germany. Abstract art, vibrant colors, and brilliant textures are the centerpieces of her magnificent artworks and what creates her unique personal touch.

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