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Add uniqueness to your outfits with our carefully handcrafted pieces of cloth. Made from 100% silk.
Available in 3 different cuts to choose from.




Shape: Scarf.
Dimensions: 160x35cm.

Art created by Burcu Korkmazyurek, Turkey.

The incredibly vivid and realistic illustrations of this artwork come into stark contrast with the refreshingly unique topic of 'flowers & felines' to create a design that feels nostalgically vintage and simultaneously relevant.

Burcu, who comes from a family of designers and has worked for almost a decade in clothing and pattern art, was inspired to create this exceptional artwork through an anecdote that took place in her hometown of Istanbul: As she was relaxing with some friends, she started observing the small cat of the house playing with a flower; suddenly the cat picked up the flower and brought it right to her. This incident combined with Burcu's love for animals and nature is what gave rise to the glorious Felorines.

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