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Add uniqueness to your outfits with our carefully handcrafted pieces of cloth. Made from 100% silk.
Available in 3 different cuts to choose from.




Shape: Ribbon.
Dimensions: 140x5cm.

Art created by Cathrin Gressieker, Germany.

Her fingerprints are all over this extraordinary artwork -literally-. Inspired by an urge to redesign the overly classical textile design of animal prints, Cathrin submerged her fingers in bright pink watercolor (apparently it’s her favorite color as well) and started stamping them passionately on a piece of paper. By experimenting with a multitude of layers, blending styles, and opacities, she was able to turn her fingerprint pattern into a stunning piece of art that resembles animal skin, while still retaining a compelling sense of abstraction in its form.

Cathrin is a magnificent textile designer and painter who lives and works in northern Germany. Abstract art, vibrant colors, and brilliant textures are the centerpieces of her magnificent artworks and what creates her unique personal touch.

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