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Add uniqueness to your outfits with our carefully handcrafted pieces of cloth. Made from 100% silk.
Available in 3 different cuts to choose from.




Shape: Square.
Dimensions: 45x45cm.

Art created by Ahmet Senel, Turkey.

This über-geometric funky artwork is part of a Bauhaus art fashion collection that was composed by Ahmet Senel in Istanbul. The riveting design of this piece is a fusion of two different art movements: the structures, shapes, and arrangement of objects are drawn from the renowned Bauhaus movement, while the selection of colors and style of the print come from the preceding De Stijl movement. With an aura of antique design and the bold, pop colors that characterize it, this design fosters an impression of grooviness and culture.

Ahmet is an incredibly skilled graphics and textile designer based in Istanbul, Turkey, with decade- long experience in the placement and design of fashion apparel.

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