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Add uniqueness to your outfits with our carefully handcrafted pieces of cloth. Made from 100% silk.
Available in 3 different cuts to choose from.




Shape: Scarf.
Dimensions: 160x35cm.

Art created by Alice Lam, United States.

“In creating the Swears pattern, I thought back to the comic strips I pored through every Sunday as a kid. For a long time, I thought the strange symbols at the top of the typewriter were simply used for swearing. I like the idea that punctuation can be used as a stand-in for words that sometimes cannot be written... a fitting visual substitute for extreme emotions. The pattern is also a play on the genre of novelty print designs known as ‘conversational’. I imagine the print itself is actually conversing with the viewer, and/or that it might express something on behalf of the person wearing it.”

Alice is a professional textile designer who creates wonderful designs through her Manhattan-based studio called Circlealine.

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