Custom & Corporate Gifts


The Product Line

We offer four main cuts of silk: the Square, the Ribbon, the Scarf, and the Pareo. Our products are all made in Greece, seamed by hand and constructed out of the highest quality natural twill-woven silk, sourced from silkworms which are  cultivated traditionally in the northern Greek town of Soufli.

The Product Line

Custom cuts are also available from our workshop, however minimum quantities and delivery times are discussed upon order.

Details & Finishes

Our products have exceptional finishes and subtle details in their seaming that drastically differentiate them from other products of their category. Additionally there are several further options in the finishes that can be incorporated in custom orders.


Our regular seams are made carefully by hand, with incredible craftsmanship that is easily identifiable and appreciated.

Ribbon Detail

The Scarf and Square cut can be also produced two-sided (i.e. two printed pieces of silk are seamed back to back). This produces a product with two equally perfect faces, with no visible seams, and heavier. This seamless options is available upon order. The ribbon has by default a double-sided and seamless style with its ends cut diagonally for a more rich finish.



Made from heavy kraft cardboard and decorated only by black ink printed on each side of the box, the packaging combines a minimal, clutter-free aesthetic with the authenticity of a single, environmentally-conscious material.