Banananaz. Scarf.
Banananaz. Scarf.
Banananaz. Scarf.
Banananaz. Scarf.
Banananaz. Scarf.
Banananaz. Scarf.

Banananaz. Scarf.

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Length: 160 Centimetres; Width: 35 Centimetres


Straight from the graffiti streets of Athens, a unique handmade silk scarf with a banana pattern. A perfect gift for every occasion, a conversation starter, a statement of humor. Make the difference with a unique gift. In the end, we all love bananas.

What makes this unique? It is a few things:

It's decorated with real artworks from designers across the world.
Produced from 100% genuine natural silk.
It's made into a soft, luxurious, twill-woven fabric.
It has beautiful hand-sewn edges.
It was designed with a slanted-cut detail at the ends.

Read more about the story:

Art created by Konstantinos Berios, Greece.

Influenced by the stencil techniques and the graffiti culture of Athens, this unique artwork aims to create an iconic, but simultaneously eccentric aesthetic. The warm yellow background is strongly contrasted against the stylized black figure of the bananana. This specific outline was one of hundreds of pencil sketches, with varying curves, thicknesses, and styles, that were drawn with the goal to strike the perfect balance between a figure that feels wonderfully new, but also intrinsically classic.

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