Poppy. Scarf.
Poppy. Scarf.
Poppy. Scarf.
Poppy. Scarf.
Poppy. Scarf.
Poppy. Scarf.
Poppy. Scarf.
Poppy. Scarf.

Poppy. Scarf.

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Length: 160 Centimetres Width: 35 Centimetres


Not many words, we simply love it! A handcrafted silk-scarf with the most unique poppy pattern. We love poppies.

What makes this unique? It is a few things:

It's decorated with real artworks from designers across the world.
Produced from 100% genuine natural silk.
It's made into a soft, luxurious, twill-woven fabric.
It has beautiful hand-sewn edges.
It was designed with a slanted-cut detail at the ends.

Read more about the story:

Art created by Daniela Duarte, Brazil.

The design process that gave rise to this stunning piece, started with the meticulous research of different trends, themes, and colors, followed by rigorous experimentation on new materials and techniques. This process is what defines Daniela's personal style and what gives the characteristic uniqueness to this specific design. The handmade aesthetic of splashed paint that sparked Daniela's interest, along with her intention to create something that is simultaneously figurative and abstract, was what fostered the idea that became Poppy.
After countless trials and splashes of watercolors, Daniela was able to strike the perfect balance between the abstract forms and the elusive resemblance to Poppy flowers.

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