Sunny Side. Scarf.
Sunny Side. Scarf.
Sunny Side. Scarf.
Sunny Side. Scarf.
Sunny Side. Scarf.
Sunny Side. Scarf.

Sunny Side. Scarf.

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Length: 160 Centimetres Width: 35 Centimetres


This is for the crazy ones, a funky unique design, a handcrafted silk scarf, a perfect gift for the anti-conformists or the crazy ones or the funny ones. Surprise them with a different, funny and high quality handmade gift, a statement piece.

What makes this unique? It is a few things:

It's decorated with real artworks from designers across the world.
Produced from 100% genuine natural silk.
It's made into a soft, luxurious, twill-woven fabric.
It has beautiful hand-sewn edges.
It was designed with a slanted-cut detail at the ends.

Read more about the story:

Art created by Konstantinos Berios, Greece.

This gripping design was composed by carefully frying several eggs sunny-side-up in a medium-sized cast-iron pan. The characteristic harmony and uniqueness of this print were accomplished not only through the artful use of 100% local free-range eggs, but most importantly through the use of rich cow-milk butter for frying instead of any other vegetable oil. Here's a cool fact about eggs: the average hen lays about 300-325 eggs a year, 49 of which are displayed in this beautiful design. Here's another one: each egg is just a single cell (with the yolk being the cell core), which was the influence behind the slightly interlocking egg whites that create an image reminiscent of a cell arrangement.
This design was inspired by an earlier artwork, designed by the Lithuanian artist Vasare Nar, which was originally part of our collection.

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