Swears. Scarf.
Swears. Scarf.
Swears. Scarf.
Swears. Scarf.
Swears. Scarf.
Swears. Scarf.

Swears. Scarf.

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Length: 160 Centimetres  Width: 35 Centimetres


They love internet, they love games, they love comics, they love the slang.. speak to them their language. The most unique, handcrafted, silk scarf made for the digital lovers. Internet swears to wear on a fancy night out.

What makes this unique? It is a few things:

It's decorated with real artworks from designers across the world.
Produced from 100% genuine natural silk.
It's made into a soft, luxurious, twill-woven fabric.
It has beautiful hand-sewn edges.
It was designed with a slanted-cut detail at the ends.

Read more about the story:

Art created by Alice Lam, United States.

“In creating the Swears pattern, I thought back to the comic strips I pored through every Sunday as a kid. For a long time, I thought the strange symbols at the top of the typewriter were simply used for swearing. I like the idea that punctuation can be used as a stand-in for words that sometimes cannot be written... a fitting visual substitute for extreme emotions. The pattern is also a play on the genre of novelty print designs known as ‘conversational’. I imagine the print itself is actually conversing with the viewer, and/or that it might express something on behalf of the person wearing it.”
Alice is a professional textile designer who creates wonderful designs through her Manhattan-based studio called Circlealine.

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