Worlds. Scarf.
Worlds. Scarf.
Worlds. Scarf.
Worlds. Scarf.
Worlds. Scarf.
Worlds. Scarf.

Worlds. Scarf.

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Length: 160 Centimetres  Width: 35 Centimetres


Unique design, grey touches but still shiny, a handcrafted silk scarf, a unique and high quality handmade gift for you or your loved ones. How can we say it... we love it!

What makes this unique? It is a few things:

It's decorated with real artworks from designers across the world.
Produced from 100% genuine natural silk.
It's made into a soft, luxurious, twill-woven fabric.
It has beautiful hand-sewn edges.
It was designed with a slanted-cut detail at the ends.

Read more about the story:

Art created by Gwyn Marathas, United States.

It may not be immediately apparent, but what you are looking at is a stunning flower bouquet. At least this was the basis for this incredible design by Gwyn Marathas, who started with the intention of creating an ordinary floral pattern from a zoomed-in photograph of a beautiful floral composition. After a great deal of experimentation and many fruitless attempts at creating a worthy artwork, Gwyn realized that the design just wouldn’t work out. That’s when she decided to turn the concept on its head and instead of creating just another colorful floral design, she went ahead and composed Worlds: a mesmerizing achromatic and beautifully abstract line drawing.
Gwyn is a multi-faceted textile artist, with a great passion for nature, that uses digital techniques as much as traditional ones.

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